Most Common Menopause Symptoms

While menopause doesn’t really require any medical treatment, the symptoms that come with it are usually the ones that provide quite a lot of problems, especially if they are displayed in more extreme ways than they normally should.

Hot flashes

One of the most annoying symptoms regarding menopause are hot flashes which will make the woman overheat for no reason. This can cause some very uncomfortable situations, like overheating during a business meeting, or a special occasion.

According to menopause doctor at Australian Menopause Centre, hot flashes are related to the night sweats, and while they might seem like an uncomfortable event at first, the effect of sweating during the night will quickly stack up, and at one point the patient will notice that they are getting less sleep every time.

Eventually, this will lead to sleep deprivation which will make the person less focused while they are awake, and of course, it will make them more vulnerable to hot flashes, which will cause them to experience headaches and similar symptoms like they have a fever

Massages and acupuncture can help with hot flushes as well.


On the other hand, while some patients experience hot flashes, others experience chills, whose effects are just as bad. No matter how hot the environment or their body temperature is, the patient will feel cold, which can have various effects on their body.  Naturally, it is not uncommon for person to have both hot flashes and chills, making it quite an uncomfortable rollercoaster.

Mood swings

Another very uncomfortable symptom during menopause are random mood swings. These swings will happen for no reason, and they can happen whenever they want. This might be one of the worst symptoms of menopause according to Australian Menopause Centre, as in some extreme cases, the swings are so strong that they can even lead to violence.

Even if the person is in a happy situation, they might become sad for no reason, which can be quite embarrassing for the patient. Same like that, some good news can also make them extremely angry, and since they are still aware of their uncontrolled actions, over time, this can cause some serious mental problems for the patient.

Sudden weight gain

In some cases, menopause will have a dramatic effect on the person’s weight because it slows down their metabolism. This is another very tricky symptom, because it can affect women who are really obsessed with their looks by going to the gym and having a proper diet. Even if they do all the things that normally keep them skinny, their body will simply become fatter and fatter over time.

Vaginal dryness

Women who tend to have intercourse with their partners are definitely not happy when this symptom comes into play, as it will not only make their intercourse extremely painful, but in some cases they might feel disgust while even thinking about it, which can potentially hurt their partners emotionally.

You can find more information in various places

Menopause is quite a big topic, and covering everything is not an easy task. You can visit or talk to a doctor in your local clinic for more information about symptoms and treatments.

Consulting with your doctor is very important

Final Word

It is very important to take care of certain symptoms that we mentioned in this article, because even if they might be slightly annoying at first, over time, they will definitely have an impact on ones both physical and mental health.

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