Incredible Scientific Benefits Of Owning A Cat

We all know that our cuddly furry friends offer unconditional love and that they definitely make our lives better, but did you know that many pets actually offer great health benefits to their owners? Well, here you will get to learn about the 5 benefits of owning a cat.

However, if you intend to take a cat just for a certain benefit, you need to make sure that your cat is coming to a warm home and that you can take proper care of her. Choosing the right vet clinic is very important, so consider visiting expert St Ives vet like Gordon Vet Hospital or talk to the locals and search for a good vet clinic that is closer to you.

Cats love to play and spend time with their owners!

  1. Better for the environment

What many people do not know is that owning a cat is actually environmentally better than owning a dog. There was a study about 10 years ago, that showed that the resources needed for you to raise a dog over the course of its life will create an eco-footprint that is the equivalent of a Land Cruiser, while for cats it is equivalent to a small hatchback.

  1. Helping you cope!

Losing a loved one can be incredibly hard for some people, and your cat is actually great at helping you cope with the loss. Cats have shown to be great with people who are feeling sad or lost, and people actually show fewer physical symptoms, like crying.

  1. Are you smarter?

There was a survey, back in 2010, that showed that people who had cats were more likely to have college degrees than those who had dogs. Of course, this does not mean that dog owners are stupid, just like having a college degree does not mean you will find a better job.

  1. A healthier heart

This applies to both cats and dogs, as they have shown to be able to lower your stress levels, anxiety, cholesterol levels, which all benefit your health and your heart. Of course, cats and dogs work a bit differently, and you should know which is the right pet for you!

If you are an active individual, then you should get a dog instead, as dogs love to run, play and just act silly. But dogs do need a bit more care than cats, so if you are interested in how to take care of a dog and all the important vaccinations, he will need you can contact expert Wahroonga vet like Gordon Vet Hospital or simply call your local vet hospital.

They show affection a bit differently

  1. Fulfilling your need for companionship

There have been many studies and survey through the years, and another interesting one is the one that showed that more people have chosen to sleep with their cat instead of with their significant other, especially women.

This is probably because, cats can actually help you sleep better, and that is definitely why people prefer to sleep with them. Not to mention that they are incredibly cute, cuddly, and we all know that cats just love to sleep.

Final word

If you are thinking of getting a cat, you need to consider the expenses that come along with pet ownership, because if you cannot or do not want to pay for their medical bills, then you should not be an owner. Of course, this does not mean that they are bound to get sick, but it could happen, just like it does with humans.

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