What You Should Know Before Getting A Skin Needling Treatment

A lot of people are getting more into skincare than they used to. One of the most popular skin treatments of today is called skin needling, which sounds horrible but is very effective. Skin needling is a type of treatment that works by creating micro-injuries in your skin to trigger your body’s natural way of healing itself. The treatment boosts the collagen production and makes your skin look tighter, clearer, and younger.

However, no matter how great, many others are still hesitant to try this procedure because of the concept behind it. There are many misconceptions about skin needling and today; it’s time to put all those hearsays aside. If you want to learn the truth about skin needling, here are five facts that will shock you.

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  1. The Technique Has Been Around For Decades

The term skin needling or microneedling only surfaced a couple of years ago. But the actual technique behind the treatment was discovered in the 1950s. There was a doctor who discovered that by creating tiny injuries to the skin, new collagen could be produced. The natural collagen production can strengthen the skin while improving the skin’s texture. As years went by and through the help of modern technology, the technique behind skin needling has greatly improved and refined to deliver the best results.

  1. It Works With A Lot Of Skin Types

Skin needling became widely popular because of its compatibility with a lot of skin types. Although there are many other types of skin treatments, skin needling is one of the few that works whether you have oily skin or dry skin, young or aging skin, or problematic skin. Because of its many benefits, skin needling can target various skin issues without having to take skin type or color into consideration.

  1. It Gets Bad Before It Gets Better

Because of the way skin needling works, your skin will look worse before it looks great. After a skin needling treatment, some of the most common side effects include dryness, redness, peeling, itchiness, and inflammation. While other skin treatments end up with you looking plump and fresh, skin needling will result in the opposite. However, the side effects only last a few hours to a couple of days, and then you will slowly see the real effects.

  1. It Isn’t Strictly For The Face Only

Skin needling also treats scars and stretch marks, and most scars and stretch marks appear somewhere far away from the face. The same technique is used to treat these skin issues to reveal an improved complexion.

  1. It Doesn’t Hurt

Probably one of the most common concerns for getting a skin needling treatment is how painful it would be, being that there are needles used in the procedure. This statement is a regular misconception. Skin needling doesn’t hurt at all because a numbing cream is used beforehand. Also, the needles used are incredibly tiny that you won’t feel a thing. You can learn more about skin needling prices according to The Facial Hub to get the best deals near you.

Final Word

Don’t let rumors keep you from trying a treatment you’ve always wanted. The best solution is to do your research or consult with a professional so you can come in prepared.

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