What Is Revanesse Cosmetic Filler And What Makes It Different From Juvederm?

We all have one feature on our face that we wish to change. Perhaps you would want your lips to look a little more plump so they’d look like your favorite celebrity? Or you want the area under your eyes to not look tired and fatigued. This can easily be achieved without having the need for surgery, thanks to the Canadian filler product called Revanesse. This cosmetic product contains Hyaluronic Acid, (HA) which is naturally found in our body.  

Revanesse Cosmetic Filler

The matchless technology used in Revanesse is a cross-linking technology called Thixofix. With the help of this, a cosmetic filler product is created that is more effective when injected. With a Revanesse cosmetic product, you do not need to worry about things such as waking up in the morning with a radically different face since the cosmetic filler broke down at night.

Revanesse Ultra can enhance the presence of facial creases and wrinkles, for instance, laugh or smile lines. Revanesse Ultra is available in a colorless, clear injectable gel, which comprises of cross linked hyaluronic acid. The procedure starts with your doctor using a fine needle, injects the dermal filler into your facial tissue. Revanesse Ultra is used for those patients who are older than the age of 22 and want to enhance their facial appearance.

What will Revanesse Ultra accomplish? Revanesse Ultra will temporarily enhance your facial appearance by giving your face volume so that it lessens the prominence of facial creases and wrinkles.

Common Side Effects Of Revanesse Ultra

Revanesse Ultra should not be considered by expectant mothers, or by those who are breastfeeding.

There are some common side effects of Revanesse Ultra:

  1. Swelling
  2. Redness
  3. Pain
  4. Bruising
  5. Headache
  6. Tenderness
  7. Lump formation
  8. Itching

How Is Revanesse Different From Juvederm

Various studies show that once Revanesse is injected, it doesn’t disintegrate as fast as Juvederm does. On the whole, Revanesse can bring a more natural feeling as compared to the rest of cosmetic fillers. If you take a look at microscope photos, you will easily be able to see the HA particles staying close together, be plumper and more stable in size. This results in a more consistent, durable and effortlessly molded product as compared to other cosmetic filler products.

Safe To Use Revanesse

There is to need to worry about Revanesse not being safe to use. The Revanesse cosmetic fillers product line has been proved to be effective as well as safe. The line of cosmetic fillers does not use any animal products, which means there is a reduced risk of developing an allergic reaction. Despite the fact that there is a very minute chance for somebody to develop an allergic reaction, your highly trained doctor will know how to handle it in case an event like this occurs. All of the Revanesse products are biodegradable and biocompatible, thus breaking down in a natural manner in the body.

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