Take Years off Your Appearance by opting for Fat Transfer Treatments

Everyone likes to stay young forever. While some of us might be gifted with good genes that make us look younger than our actual age others might need to opt for alternate methods such as anti aging creams or surgeries to look young.

Hype about Fat Transferring Procedure

Many people ‘go under the knife’ to enhance their appearance. One of the most common procedures is the fat transfer procedure. Here the main aim is to remove unwanted fat from your hips or thighs and plant them to other parts of your body to make them look fuller in appearance.

This is a minor cosmetic surgery and can last two to four hours. If you plan to opt for plastiikkakirurgia or any kind of cosmetic surgery, ensure that you go to experts such as The Health Clinic. The cost of any cosmetic surgery tends to be tad expensive, but worth the money, if performed by experts.

You might need to book an appointment with the clinic. The surgeon will first evaluate you on whether you are likely candidate for fat transfer procedure. Ensure that you answer all the questions truthfully so that they can give you the best treatment option.

Fat transfer procedure can be carried out under general or local anaesthesia. This involves three stages:

  • Removing unwanted fat through a thin tube by making small incisions in the skin
  • Separating the fat through special equipment
  • Injecting the fat into required areas with the help of a needle or syringe

Eligibility for Fat Transfer Procedure

Any adult can go in for a fat transfer procedure, provide they do not suffer from any medical condition. You can opt for fat transfer if:

  • Your face has creases and gives a sunken look
  • If you require permanent correction for your face
  • If you want to hide scars or improve your appearance
  • If you want to go in for breast enhancements or corrections

Fat Transfer Procedure is a Feasible Option

Like any other customer, you too might be a little sceptical about fat transfer procedure. Let us put your mind at ease by talking about its benefits:

  • When compared to dermal fillers, the results are long lasting
  • It is a good option for people who are allergic to dermal fillers
  • You need not have to worry about scars on your face
  • These work well with other procedures
  • They are economic when compared to other expensive facelift treatments
  • The healing period is comparatively fast than its counterparts

Initially after the surgery, your face and the incision area from where the fat was taken might feel bruised and swollen. You might even experience numbness. This will subside with time. Your doctor might even prescribe oral medications to reduce the swellings or pain. The most significant advantage with fat transfer procedure is that it will give you a natural appearance, making you feel young and bright.

Fat transfer procedure is completely safe as no artificial fillers are used for your body to reject them. This procedure makes use of your own fat, so your body is highly unlikely to reject it.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Michael Wiggins. It is advisable to go in for the best when it comes to any types of surgery for your body. The Health Clinic in Helsinki offers a wide range of plastiikkakirurgia procedures, including fat transfer procedures lead by a team of medically professionals.

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