Problems Solved By Podiatrists

There are quite a lot of problems that are handled by podiatrists, and a lot of people are not even aware of that. Many who happen to have some issue with their feet tend to visit a local clinic, where they will often be instructed to visit the podiatrist’s office instead, which can take quite a lot of time since clinics tend to have pretty long lines, especially when there is a flue going on, which can infect you as well.

In order to avoid wasting your time and the risk of getting infected by some other minor condition which can pester you in the next few days or weeks, visiting the podiatrist’s office directly is the best idea if you happen to have some kind of problem regarding your lower extremities.


One of the most common problems that podiatrists encounter these days revolve around bunions. While bunions can be genetic, the most common reason that makes people have them today is the poor choice of shoes, which can be mostly noticed in women as they often wear high heels that look nice and professional, but feel incredibly uncomfortable.

The issue manifests itself because the big toe is misaligned, and as it becomes swollen and tender, it will make the first joint go outward while the second joint goes into the opposite direction, like a foot would “naturally” go in shoes or heels that are narrow in the forefoot area.

You can find out all the information about this condition and how it is handled by checking out the ModPod Podiatry website, or by visiting your local podiatry office and discussing your condition with them in person as well.

Bunions are quite a common problem solved by podiatrists

Ingrown Toenails

Similar to the previous condition, ingrown toenails can have multiple causes. While they can occur due to improper nail trimming, an ingrown toenail can manifest itself because of poor shoes that create too much pressure, as well as some kind of fungus infection.

An interesting fact is that this issue is again more common in women, by around fifty percent more common actually, and it is again because of the choice of shoes that they are wearing. While this issue can be taken care of by the person who has it, if handled poorly, it can lead to a pain in the next couple of days, as well as a risk of an infection.

By visiting the podiatrist, they will properly handle your ingrown nail, and you will be able to walk around without any pain or risk of infection. There will also be quite a big chance that you will not encounter an ingrown toenail again once the nail grows again, which why should visit podiatrist Ryde like ModPod Podiatry or other professional podiatrists for help.

Correct trimming will prevent further ingrown toenails

Achilles Tendinitis

One of the most common issues that is experienced by athletes is the tearing of the Achilles tendon, which occurs because the tendon has been overworked and inflamed. It is quite common at athletes who happen to train too much, and while it can be handled with pure rest and some icing if the injury is minor, in some harder cases, surgery is required.

Final Word

Podiatrists handle all kinds of cases in their office, from minor nail trimming, to some serious injuries that could have a very negative impact on one’s life if they are not handled in a surgical way while you still have a chance to recover.

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