Custom Orthotics Are Great For Children

Plenty of children these days suffer from all kinds of conditions that revolve around feet, and a lot of them happen to have issues with flat feet in particular. Luckily, the world of podiatry discovered a perfect solution to flat feet and other similar conditions, which are custom orthotics..

Who can provide custom orthotics?

Podiatrists are the only doctors that are capable of making the perfect custom orthotics, so if you are planning to get yourself or you kids a pair, you should do it at professional podiatrists in Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or your local podiatrist if you are not in that area.

In case you do not know who podiatrists are, they are doctors who specialize in treating everything that revolves around lower extremities like knees, ankles, feet, and pretty much any other part of the thigh or leg. They do not only provide custom orthotics, but they also take care of some serious issues like surgeries or treatment of infections.

How are custom orthotics made?

The process of making custom orthotics is actually quite simple when it comes to the patient’s part, as all you have to do is step into a solution and make a mold of your feet. This is the principle for all patients, no matter which age and size they are, and once the podiatrists have your mold, all you have to do is wait.

However, while the patient’s job is quite simple, the podiatrist and the technicians that turn that mold into a custom orthotic have a task that is difficult. For starters, the mold needs to be cast, so the podiatrist and the technician have an object that they can edit. Then, they will use special tools to shape that object in a way that will perfect fit your foot.

Once the shaping part is complete, it is time for that orthotic to harden before it can be covered with special materials that will give it some kind of design. While the process might not sound that long, it actually takes a couple of days sometimes to make the pair of custom orthotics, as even a smaller mistake can ruin their design.

Custom orthotics are designed to perfectly fit the user’s foot

Why are they great for flat feet?

Custom orthotics are one of the most common solutions for flat feet because they will allow their user to wear their shoes in a way that their feet are going to fit perfectly. Getting children’s orthotics for flat feet like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or your local podiatrist is definitely the best thing you can do if your child seems to experience pain while walking in their shoes.

Naturally, in some cases, it is quite hard to tell if your child happens to have flat feet, however, if you take them to a podiatrist, the answer can be given to you in a couple of seconds, along with the explanation of what their condition brings.

Flat feet can easily be solved with the help of custom orthotics

Final Word

It is very important to treat the condition of flat feet when it comes to children, as that condition will only get worse over time if they are forced to walk in shoes that are not perfect for their feet. Eventually, their feet can become in quite a problematic situation that no recovery is going to be possible.

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